Meet Our Family

258765657_10101944360757916_3578339520610842503_nOver the past few years Brent + Amanda has grown to be a beautiful family of FIVE.  Our hearts have grown with the addition of each of our sweet kids.

Parenthood has been the best adventure of our lives thus far! Brent is passionate about Dad Life/music/photography/exercise/Jesus/and more. Amanda is growing into the role of homeschool mom, writer, and chicken owner. She also loves to encourage others (wherever they are in life), loves reading, tries to stay active, and loves coffee & tea!

Crazy enough our boys both have now hit elementary school age! When our first Kindergarten came around we felt the nudge to give homeschool a try.  After much consideration we felt that we wanted our kids to have a more hands on and flexible education than what is offered in a traditional school setting.  We both spent years working as public school teachers and felt we have the skills required to teach our kids at home. We also are striving to grow strong and kind children. It is our prayer that choosing to homeschool will be one integral part in us achieving that goal.

This year we’ve decided to take steps to become Foster/Adoptive parents. We hope to use this blog and our Instagram to help shed some light and awareness on the process. We are prayerfully loving a sweet little boy right now… and anticipating him to become a full member of our family this next year.

Amanda also loves her part-time work as a freelance writer. She writes devotions for the Daily Bible Devotions App as well as for the Your Daily Bible Verse devotional/podcast.  She has work published with Her View from Home,  contributed to the Crosswalk Couples Devotional, has contributed to the MOPS blog, and is a contributing writer for

If you have interest in her writing for you just e-mail her at! 

Bottom line for our family is we love our children, we love others, and love Jesus.

Thanks for following along as we learn and grow as a family!

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  1. keith bakunas says:

    Amanda, nice try with the Crosswalk “Face Mask” article. But not persuasive in most aspects. Current evidence does not support wearing of masks en-masse. I wear one if I want to patronize a business and it
    requires I do so. If a friend asked me to wear a mask before entering his house, out of respect, I would do so. But I will not succumb to the fear-based mentality that has invited the propaganda to saturate the psyche. You and yours, be well. A Brother …

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