This week I have been an absolute GRUMP and while I see it, I just haven’t been able to shake it.

Graciously, the ones who know me, have patiently listened as I grumbled through this week and gently offered me sweet nuggets of wisdom to help push back the crap my mind has been caught in.

My best life advice is to be friends with people who are better than you.  I’m lucky I know a slew of strong, smart, devoted, and much better than me Mommas.  Here goes their advice from this crap-for-me week:

  1. Kids learn at different paces, BE PATIENT

I know this but for some reason my easily angered and not very patient self needs to hear it again and again.  Teaching reading, in my opinion, is very HARD.  It’s so hard not to get visibly upset with that sweet five year old who wants to once again tell you the “n” is a “h”.  Anyways, being reminded they will get there, eventually, and I just have to be gracious and patient was GOLD.

2. It’s not about PERFECT

I just get obsessed with the idea that I am actually ruining my kids lives by attempting to offer them a relaxed, loving, and friend filled environment to learn in.  I know, it’s crazy but I just think that because I wasn’t 100% patient all day, everyday I’m giving my kids anxiety disorders and all other manner of life-long issues.

My sweet friends reminded me that as long as I’m doing my best, apologizing and regrouping when I do mess up, and the overall picture of our home is one of love, learning, and growth — it’s okay, it’s all going to be okay…. 

They also kindly pointed out that “real teachers” also lose their patience and ruin kids lives too sometimes (not all of them) but maybe I’m just giving my kids a more realistic school experience after all.  🙂 🙂

3. There is a season for everything

I sometimes feel like the fun killer of our home.  Let’s be real- almost all the time I AM the fun killer of our home.  If you know my husband, then you know he is a never-grown-up-kid and while I love him for it, it does mean there is only one kinda-adult in our house.

During the school year I interact with my kids A LOT but most of that is me helping guide, teach, and direct them.  It’s not always fun.  BUT I was reminded by a friend that there is a season for everything.

During summer and breaks I get to be a lot more relaxed and FUN.  I spend almost everyday at the pool with my kids and we do NO SCHOOL WORK. I really just get to take a step back and enjoy them in a different way.  Right now I may feel like a taskmaster… but it’s just the mode we are in.  I needed to be reminded we that I can chill a bit when our breaks come and that’s the way it needs to be.

4. Friends are for more than fun

I had some friends graciously stop in this week for lunch and I was just struggling.  I was in a horrible mood, my kids kept breaking stuff, and I was just OVERWHELMED.  I later apologized to said friends and one replied saying our friendship was not just about being fun for each other.

What an amazing thought!  We aren’t just friends to amuse each other.  We are there to give nuggets of wisdom when we are struggling, to endure each others failures and bad moods, and to listen when one person takes up all the venting time for the day.

I’m lucky to have friends that aren’t just my friends because I’m fun… I know they aren’t because we’ve all been friends through young motherhood and like the first 5 years of the gig, I think all I did was tell everyone I knew how tired I was.  If you can still be my friend after all that complaining, you are GOLD to me.

All that to say thank you friends for keeping me ALIVE in the HORRIBLE WINTER MONTHS. I also decided this week I HATE WINTER and it’s really hard to be a SAHM when its cold and gloomy and dark for days on end.

Thank you to my Husband for not leaving me even when I am an awful human.

And also to encourage you to be bold in your words to those you love.  You never know what will get them through a bad week, month, or even year.  Your wisdom and encouragement goes much further than you realize.

Hope your week is going better than mine.



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