This is the time of year we take a break, spend a lot of lazy days at home, and I start regrouping to think through what my plan of attack will be for the next school year! Every year seems to come with new things to consider, which many times has led to us choosing different materials or implementing a new schedule. This year I am sure many things we had typically done in a school day will be different but at least I know what curriculum I am using– so that is one win in a very unsure season!

Here are my 2020-2021 Curriculum Picks by Grade:

Third Grade

This year we are graduating to tackling a bit more work at home for my oldest than we have in the past! We are all doing Classical Conversations and I have gathered some review materials to add to our daily routine.

For Language Arts we went with The Good and the Beautiful – Level 3. This will be the 3rd year my oldest has used this program and it seems to work for us. The content is challenging, it includes a reader, spelling list, sight words, art, and integrates other subjects into the curriculum. We are fans… especially now that I have a proficient reader.

We also bought the Level 3 Handwriting for some individual practice/independent work time!

For Math we made the switch from Saxon Math to The Good and the Beautiful Math – Level 3. I liked the predictability of Saxon but we got bored with the program. I am looking forward to the games and pretty pages that the Good and Beautiful curriculum offers!

We all are together working through The Good and Beautiful Human Body Study – Part 1. I am excited about this because it lines up well with our Classical Conversation Cycle 3 Science and it is something we can work on altogether.

We are studying US History and geography this year which I hope to supplement our knowledge with lots and lots of library books, read alouds, and field trips! The library is really my very favorite resource.

First Grade

For Language Arts I have purchased two things to go through. My guy is a little slower in reading really to click for him so we have needed to take it slow. I got the Explode the Code Level 2 to start off with. It’s simple and we can ease back into learning with this (plus it was so cheap!). Once we gain some confidence I am going to start The Good and Beautiful Language Arts Level K with him. We tried to to it last year but it was WAAYYY to advanced for him so we had to regroup. I think this year level Kindergarten will be perfect for him.

I also purchased The Good and the Beautiful Handwriting Level 1 for him to have some independent practice with… plus it looks really cute and fun!

For Math we are doing The Good and the Beautiful Level 1 Math. He is pumped… he seems to be doing great with math and he loves games so I think this program is going to be a great fit!

He will be doing some basic Classical Conversations review during the week as well are our Body study too. For the most part in 1st grade our time at home is primarily focused on Math and Reading skills and other learning comes with field trips, read alouds, and our co-op. We keep it simple and quick! None of us want to be stuck home doing work all day. My plan is to take the morning for school for everyone and be done by lunch so we have time to activities, sports, trips, chilling out, and fun in the afternoons!


My daughter is the ONLY one at three who has been rearing to start “school” (oh my)… While I love her enthusiasm for learning… I wasn’t super exciting to need to buy her something to work on too! I am hoping it will work in my favor, having everyone doing “school” this year.

I bought her The Good and the Beautiful Pre-K curriculum. This is the first time I have every bought a Pre-K curriculum but I am really pleased with it. She already loves taking the games out and it’s really pretty and simple enough for my eager 3-year-old to do. I really don’t feel buying something official for her age is necessary… I think learning through reading together and play is perfect! But I bought it to make my life easier, so she has something special for her to do and I don’t have to come up with anything on my own.


Normally our school week is pretty full of activities but this year I am sure will be different. I am hoping our Classical Conversations co-op will meet in-person (all the fingers crossed). We normally do fall soccer with Chesterfield Homeschool Sports… but not sure they will have it this year. I am considering having the kids swim for the YMCA… my girl wants to do dance and my boy wants drum lessons but all things are up in the air! One thing I am looking forward to are the many FALL outdoor field trip opportunities! Use the weather to get out and explore before the weather makes it impossible.

What curriculum do you love? Which activities do you think WILL happen this Fall? How are you coping in this weird COVID world?



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