My Pre-K, 1st Grade & 3rd Grade Curriculum Picks

This is the time of year we take a break, spend a lot of lazy days at home, and I start regrouping to think through what my plan of attack will be for the next school year! Every year seems to come with new things to consider, which many times has led to us choosing … Continue reading My Pre-K, 1st Grade & 3rd Grade Curriculum Picks

the ME I don’t want to be

There is a version of me that I do not want to be. Several, to be honest. The me I like least is anxious me. I obsess. I over-analyze. I over-empathize. I am overly-afraid. I over-share. Over-burden others. I get overly frustrated. And on the list goes... I do not like this me. This me … Continue reading the ME I don’t want to be

The Ministry of the Outdoors

I am a two on the Enneagram and have discovered that I am highly affected by my environment. The past weeks... well actually months of world-wide turmoil have weighed heavy on my heart and mind. Prior to this year I learned to be selective of which of the world's burdens I let in in an … Continue reading The Ministry of the Outdoors

Some of my Favorite Published Pieces

Over the past few years I've had the chance to write for Crosswalk and a few other great websites. While I love meeting the challenge of writing to a prompt, a few of these articles stand out as really have being my heart on paper. I wanted to create a list to bookmark the ones … Continue reading Some of my Favorite Published Pieces

About the Pandemic.

I've resisted writing about the current moment because I'm very confused about how I'm feeling. I think we all are tangled up in a mix of gratitude, guilt, grief, and growing anxiety.  This is a massive disruption in our normals and it takes time to understand what we are currently living.  I feel like I've … Continue reading About the Pandemic.

Foster Care Reflections: Saying Goodbye

We knew this day was coming... from day one we knew our girl wouldn't stay.  Our role for her was a temporary sanctuary for a family in crisis.  They just needed time to regroup but not for one moment did I doubt their love and devotion to their daughter. Today was that day...  The day … Continue reading Foster Care Reflections: Saying Goodbye

Suddenly Homeschooling? a few tips

We are on our 3rd year of homeschooling and years ago I also taught in the public school system.  I love seeing the pictures posted of the many new homeschoolers online.  It seems like people are embracing their new role as primary educator of their children (which as a former teacher is great news! parents … Continue reading Suddenly Homeschooling? a few tips


I started the practice of writing a reflection with each birthday for me and maybe my kids one day (if they happen to care about such a thing).  I just turned 33 so here is this year in review. 33. Another year of life, a great gift.  This past year has been one filled with … Continue reading Thirty-Three


Warning, this is just going to a quick word vomit because time is in short supply and my brain is being pulled to its edges.  I wanted though to try to take a moment to reflect on and sort out some of the emotions the past few days have brought into our lives. Wednesday we … Continue reading Thoughts.

Lessons from my Friends…

This week I have been an absolute GRUMP and while I see it, I just haven't been able to shake it. Graciously, the ones who know me, have patiently listened as I grumbled through this week and gently offered me sweet nuggets of wisdom to help push back the crap my mind has been caught … Continue reading Lessons from my Friends…