Some of my Favorite Published Pieces

Over the past few years I've had the chance to write for Crosswalk and a few other great websites. While I love meeting the challenge of writing to a prompt, a few of these articles stand out as really have being my heart on paper. I wanted to create a list to bookmark the ones … Continue reading Some of my Favorite Published Pieces

About the Pandemic.

I've resisted writing about the current moment because I'm very confused about how I'm feeling. I think we all are tangled up in a mix of gratitude, guilt, grief, and growing anxiety.  This is a massive disruption in our normals and it takes time to understand what we are currently living.  I feel like I've … Continue reading About the Pandemic.

Suddenly Homeschooling? a few tips

We are on our 3rd year of homeschooling and years ago I also taught in the public school system.  I love seeing the pictures posted of the many new homeschoolers online.  It seems like people are embracing their new role as primary educator of their children (which as a former teacher is great news! parents … Continue reading Suddenly Homeschooling? a few tips


I started the practice of writing a reflection with each birthday for me and maybe my kids one day (if they happen to care about such a thing).  I just turned 33 so here is this year in review. 33. Another year of life, a great gift.  This past year has been one filled with … Continue reading Thirty-Three

Simple & Committed

I'm a little behind in this post, New Year's has passed and I'm just getting around to writing about what I feel my focus should be...but that's how it goes. When I sat to reflect on what I wanted to be mindful of as I embark on a new calendar year, two words came brightly … Continue reading Simple & Committed


This week we got the news we are officially approved as Foster Parents. One step closer to growing our family a less traditional way. Since being approved I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be prepared.... Of course our training aimed to "prepare us" for what it is going to take to … Continue reading PREPARED

My Girl turns 3.

I started the tradition of writing a letter to our kids for each Birthday.  There are so many things that I hope to remember about each age but my mind can only retain so much.  These letters are my attempt to capture them in this moment in time and write to them some of my … Continue reading My Girl turns 3.


We've done it.  We've completed the paperwork, our home visit, and physicals.  We now are just waiting. We first have to wait for all the mountains of paperwork to be processed.  They still have to complete a background check on us, which takes weeks.  In about 4-6 weeks, we should get that approval e-mail saying … Continue reading Waiting.

5 Steps to Take Towards Healthy Living for Your Family

Health and wellness are such a buzz word these days! As a parent, it can be such a struggle to even know what it really looks like to live a “healthy lifestyle”.   The problem behind every definitive article on healthy living is that they bypass the truth: healthy living looks a little different for … Continue reading 5 Steps to Take Towards Healthy Living for Your Family

5 Reasons Why Mom’s Need other Mom Friends

One unexpected change in my life post-motherhood is how it has changed friendships for me! I remember pre-kids I would hang out with my friends that had small children and would leave our meetings feeling a little frustrated.  Every conversation we tried to start would be quickly interrupted by the little person, making it hard … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Mom’s Need other Mom Friends